Transformational Retreat

Deepen Your Connections, Master Your Mindset, Reignite Your Relationships
May 27-30th

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Awaken Your Transformation

After this past year of virtual interactions in isolated environments, we crave personal, face-to-face connections more than ever. That’s why at our event, we are dedicated to creating connection — connection with yourself, with others, and with your purpose. 

Together, we will detach ourselves from the stress and pressure in our lives, so that you can truly step into your highest potential. In this fully immersive experience, we’ll help you to align with your “why” and increase your awareness so that you become crystal clear on your direction.  The result: your path toward fulfillment, happiness, and authentic relationships will be reignited. 

 Join us in Scottsdale, Arizona to experience your transformation and create lifelong connections.

Energy is the Edge

We take our events out of hotel meeting spaces, into breathtaking scenery to connect, play full out, and grow with like-minded people.

Peace of Mind

In response to the COVID-19 crisis, our events are structured to keep you, your family, and our team safe. 

All-inclusive Pricing

Your ticket includes meals, drinks, snacks, and lodging. Simply arrive on the doorstep, and we’ll take care of you.

Health is Wealth

Age-defying health is one of the 5 integral pillars to living the life of a whole-life millionaire. At our events, we: 

The Power of Proximity

We believe that when like-minded high achievers come together, they are unstoppable! Our SEC (Support, Encourage, Challenge) Culture is unmatched in its energy, positivity, and vision. In this epic atmosphere, you’ll deepen your connections with M1 members, VIP guests, and Rock Thomas himself. 

Experience Your Breakthrough

M1 events are transformational experiences that pair exploration with personal growth. Stretch into an expanded version of yourself, embracing more courage, more significant action, and more self-love.

Check out footage from our last event for a glimpse of the amazing experiences we create.