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For years I traveled the world, investing close to a million dollars in personal development and private coaching. I had the opportunity to study one-on-one with the world’s best teachers including Deepak Chopra, John Gray, David Deida, David Wolfe, Tony Robbins, Jack Canfield, Wayne Dyer, and Stephen Covey just to name a few.

So now you get to have INSTANT access to all the knowledge I’ve acquired through my 30+ years in the industry. I chose 10 rules to keep things simple, in a very easy to follow, step-by-step guide on how to become a master in all areas of your life. These 10 rules will be your guide to avoiding the regret of an average life.

What you will get from this course

Discover the concept of Whole Life Millionaire, where you are not just wealthy financially but being wealthy as a whole - in your spirit, body and relationship.

Learn to realise that you can get it all when everyone else is saying otherwise.

Explore the power of the mind and learn the methods to hold a positive and empowering concept in your conscious mind to let it sink into your unconscious.

In this course you will learn to:

Schedule your results and choose your emotions for the week.
Schedule your events in priority allowing space for urgent and important events that will need your attention.
Ask yourself the bigger questions: What is a must? What must be completed this week in order for me to be closer to my Dream, my Mission, my Vision, my Purpose?
Razor sharpen your sense of priority for what needs to be accomplished.