Fitness Test: Take our M1-9 fitness test to determine your current fitness level and track your progress over time.

Goal Setting: Want to crush a goal in 90-Days? Learn the 5 steps to achieve any goal, by RRAFTing it.

Limitless Assessment: Find out how you rate in the 7 Traits of Success and where your opportunity lies to maximize your potential. 

Life Happiness Index: Download the Life Index Calculator above (open in a program like Adobe PDF Viewer to Save Your results!). Then calculate the average of your scores on this sheet and it will reveal your Life Happiness Index. 

Rock Your Money, Rock Your Life Podcast: Learn from thought-leaders and game-changers across multiple industries and discover how the words that follow I am, follow you.

Your Epic Life Blueprint: Successful people have one thing in common: they have sought out, and taken advantage of, the advice of other successful people. They have employed coaches and have worked with mentors who have shown them the most direct-line approach to achieving their goal. The Epic Life Blueprint is the closest thing you can get to taking a world-class life coach, putting him or her in your pocket, and taking them with you as you move through your day. This book will raise your game, and help you reach the next level of success!



6 Keys(6-hour audio-course): Learn the power of your identity and uncover your limiting beliefs so that you can easily discover the great opportunities in every situation. 

90-Day Challenge: Join our 90-Day Massive Action Challenge for live weekly calls, support, and accountability.  You already have the tools, the awareness, and the resources you need to make significant changes in your life… so what stops you from creating what you say you want? In the 90-day challenge, our weekly calls will provide shifts in perspective, tried-and-true life and business hacks, and ammo to help you crush through your blocks. You’ll get exclusive access to our coaches, mentors, and fellow members through our Private Facebook Group. Most of all, you’ll impress yourself by making significant progress in at least one area of your life, so you can show yourself how badass you are. 

If you want to join M1, but you aren’t ready yet, join our next 90-Day Challenge and show yourself what you’re capable of. You pick the area of focus. You pick the goal. You get the feedback you need to assess, adjust, and kickstart your momentum so you can create what YOU want.

M1 Tribe: Many high achievers lack a network of people to challenge and keep them accountable to extraordinary goals. Join M1 to Immerse yourself in a community of like-minded, high achievers as committed to your success as their own. In M1, we support, encourage, and challenge each other as we navigate curated content on the way to whole life wealth and fulfillment. As part of your membership, you’ll get:

  • 52 weeks of M1 curriculum to help you download the mindset of a whole life millionaire
    Access to weekly LIVE calls with industry experts and thought leaders
  • 52 weeks of modeling successful millionaires, their stories, and strategies
  • The opportunity to attend high-minded, in-person Mastermind events with none other than Rock himself, in incredible locations around the world, with speakers, trainers, and lifestyle adventures you will never forget
  • M1 POD membership (where you’ll harness the power of peer to peer accountability) with like-minded peers and access to a proprietary goal setting system
  • The opportunity to build incredible relationships and learn how to create multiple streams of income. 

Join the tribe of healthy, wealthy, generous people who choose to lead epic lives and take massive, relentless action toward your goals!


The Power of Your Identity: Discover and break down the roots of your personal beliefs about yourself, change the limiting thoughts you have, and rebuild your life in a meaningful way. Get one step closer to the life you want to create by changing your identity first. 

Your Epic Life Planner: Time is our most precious resource. This 3-in-1 planner helps you to plan out your future goals in quarterly increments, set goals for yourself in every area of your life, and encourages reflection and celebration as you grow. If succeeding is your style, then the Epic Life Planner will soon become your new best friend. 



6 Human Needs: Understand the 6 basic human needs and how they impact your thoughts, decisions, actions, and results. Which of the 6 basic human needs is driving you?

Discover Your Sacred Gifts:  In this digital, online program you will take a deep dive into the 24 Sacred Gifts, understand the difference between Gifts and skills, learn how to spot Sacred Gifts in yourself and others, and begin the discovery process to find what fills you up and fuels you. Want to know yourself at a deeper level? Dive right in and start discovering your Sacred Gifts with Monique’s MacDonald’s digital online program.

Enneagram: The Enneagram is a system of personality typing that describes patterns in how people interpret the world and manage their emotions. The Enneagram describes nine personality types and maps each of these types on a nine-pointed diagram which helps to illustrate how the types relate to one another.

Our Partners: We’ve partnered with industry experts in multiple disciplines who are here to support you to create new passive income streams and whole-life success. Visit our partners’ page to find out more.