From farm boy to self-made millionaire, I'm Rock Thomas and I’m on a mission to inspire you to redefine yourself. I named my podcast the "I Am Movement,” because I firmly believe, “The words that follow I am follow you.” These words create your identity - your ability to shift your mindset, resist labels, and redefine yourself. I have interviewed many high achievers throughout my career and it’s time for the world to hear about how their identity has propelled them toward success.

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Rock Thomas
Ray Collins
Janice Parker

“The love that sets the world free is love for everyone.”

Vishen Lakhiani #IAmMovement Podcast

“The more forgiving you are, the more your dreams become a reality.”

Simon Sinek #IAmMovement

“Where we find happiness is when we have the opportunity to serve.”

“Find something that you deeply passionate about. Love what you do.”

“The number one thing that I learned is to be outcome focused instead of task focused.”

“We’ve got to all understand what that rock bottom looks and feels like. And then take action.”

“If an idea comes to you, then it’s yours to manifest.”

“Do something common, uncommonly well.”

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