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A Community of High Achievers as Committed to
Your Success
as Their Own
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Are you a high achiever? Find out how you can maximize your potential in the 7 Traits of Success. Take our free assessment and get your results now.
Are you a high achiever looking for success in all areas of your life? Do you find it difficult to find like-minded peers in your local circles? Do you want to be held to a higher standard?
If you thrive when you're surrounded by people who push you to grow, who lift you up (not drag you down), and who are committed to whole life success, then come find out more about us. Whether you're just starting out on your personal development journey, or you're in hyper-growth mode, we have the resources for you.

Listen to inspiring stories of people just like you, courageously stepping into their best lives.

Join our 90-Day Massive Action Challenge for live weekly calls, accountability and the push you need to live your best life, on your terms.

Join the tribe of healthy, wealthy, generous people who choose to lead epic lives!

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When you're ready to join a like-minded tribe and take relentless action towards your goals, apply here to book a call.

Jamie Gruber

"Before M1, I was financially successful in an executive position at work. I was unhappy with it, but trying to convince myself I shouldn't be! Now, I understand my gifts and where I want my life to go. Thanks to this tribe for the beginning of a new life focused on happiness as I define it - not how everyone else does! "

Mike Sjogren

“Before M1, I was chasing education at universities, but I never got the answers I was looking for. Since being in M1, my life has completely changed. I own multiple businesses and retired my wife and mother. I have passive income, properties, an AirBNB business - it’s incredible."

Linzee Ciprani

“M1 has totally transformed my life. Since joining, I have doubled my sales in both of my businesses, lost 60 pounds, helped to create a space for my husband to join my business, and made life-long friendships with people pushing forward toward their best selves!”

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